Paul Tangren

Singer, Guitarist

About Paul

Paul is a both a solo artist and co-founding member of the vocal trio Massandoah. Paul is gifted with a nice baritone voice coupled with an impressive vocal range. His falsetto enables him to handle many songs that other vocalists simply struggle with. Additionally, he is able to elevate the sound quality of anyone he sings with by utilizing his exceptional harmony talents.

Paul grew up in the hills of western Pennsylvania and began playing the guitar in the mid 1960's. The popular music of his youth comprises the bulk of his repertoire. His first public solo performances were busking on the college campus where he earned an undergraduate degree. Rather than pursue music as a profession, he chose a regular day job in the D.C. area, playing and performing whenever and wherever he could.

By 2010, Paul began performing solo shows at restaurants, cafes, vineyards, community festivals, museums and private events. He also spent several years as the rhythm guitarist and one of the vocalists for the Irish band, Sheppard's Pie.

Paul moved to the Shenandoah Valley about 10 years ago. He has regularly performed at many of the established local live venues in the area. Paul is also one of the regular hosts at the Sunday night open-mic events at Box Office Brewery in Strasburg.